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Ipage vs Web Hosting Hub Comparision 2024

I will help you decide on your next shared hosting company with this iPage vs Web Hosting Hub review.

iPage Vs Web Hosting Hub: 6 Differences (Easy Choice)These two companies have many similarities but they also have differences which I will explain below.

Free domain 

Both platforms give you a free domain name upon setting up. What does this mean for you? This means that setting up your site is now faster and easier. No longer will you have to point your domain registrar to your web host. What would have taken you 30 minutes or longer will now take you 5 minutes. A free domain offer is one of my favorite hosting features.



iPage’s two Boston-based data centers hold Dual Big Iron load balancers and DELL servers. iPage is green certified which means that their web servers are powered by wind energy. iPage offers an uptime rating of 99.98% – 99.99% which is great for your business. They also have a website load speed of 400ms – 500ms. When it comes to performance with iPage there is a lot to look forward to.


Web Hosting Hub offers one west and one east coast data center. They also work with some of the largest ISPs. Just like with iPage, Web Hosting Hub also offers a 99.98% – 99.99% uptime. However, there is a difference in the load response time category. iPage is about 100ms faster than WHH which is important for SEO.

Web hosting price

iPage is one of the cheapest yearly hosting providers in the world. You will never have to pay more than $2 a month for shared web hosting with iPage. Your yearly hosting price is going to come up to $24 which is a steal. Let’s be honest the price matters! If you are on a budget, then iPage should be one of your first hosting choices. Not only does iPage offer cheap shared hosting but they also offer cheap VPS hosting with a good amount of bandwidth.

Web Hosting Hub costs $3 more than iPage. Instead of paying $1.99 a month you will be paying $4.99 a month. WHH offers decent prices but there are very few hosting companies that can compete with iPage’s low hosting prices.

Start Web Hosting Hub here.

Control panel differences

There are some hosting control panels that I hate but both of these companies offer great hosting control panels. iPage utilizes vDeck which is so simple to use. What I love about vDeck is that it is basic. It is easy to use for beginners. Everything is right before your eyes so you won’t have trouble navigating through your hosting control panel.

Web Hosting Hub utilizes cPanel. cPanel is just as easy if not easier. What I love above cPanel is that it offers a beautiful interface. A beginner will not have trouble with any of these platforms. Between cPanel vs vDeck it all comes down to your preference.

Web hosting features 

WebHostingHub features

  • First to open a green data center in Los Angeles.
  • Free drag and drop editor using BoldGrid.
  • Free Transfers Available
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • SSH access
  • Auto-Installed WordPress

iPage features 

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited domain names allowed on your hosting plan.
  • Mobile optimized site builder
  • $100 Google AdWords offer
  • Cisco routers using BGP4 protocol
  • Virus Checking
  • Blog Setup Wizard
  • UPS power backup & generators
  • Free listing
  • Enhanced security suite
  • 24×7 Network Monitoring



What does iPage’s Help Center have to offer you ask? iPage has a large knowledge base where you can browse through categories such as Account, Ecommerce Services, Online Security, WordPress, Premium Hosting, and more. They also have a user guide section where you can learn more about web hosting, learn how to manage your domain, learn how to manage your account, and more. Lastly, you can contact iPage in various ways. You can contact them through their speedy phone support, ticket support, and also live chat support.

Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub’s Help Center is slightly smaller, but they are just as effective. They offer a learning center, email tutorials, website tutorials, and more. You can also search through their frequently asked questions such as FTP setup, WordPress Tutorials, Hosting another website, etc. What really separates WHH from iPage is not their phone support or chat support. What separates them is their Skype support which is a rare hosting support feature to have.

Which is better?

The answer to the question is easy. Would you buy a Suzuki when you can buy an Audi at a Cheaper price? For most people the answer would be no. iPage is a better performing platform. Not only does it perform better but it is also cheaper.

WHH is a good hosting company that offers great Skype support and cPanel, but when it comes to features, price, and performance iPage wins. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with iPage. They give you a 30-day money back guarantee so you are able to try it out for yourself. Below I will walk you through the quick setup process to aid you in getting your site indexed today!

5-minute iPage setup tutorial

Start iPage here today (75% off discount)

  1. Click on the sign up now button.
  2. Check availability and register a new domain for free.
  3. Add your Contact Information, Payment Information, and Purchase Information.
  4. You do not need to select any Website essentials.
  5. When inside your vDeck control panel choose website and WordPress, then you have to install WordPress.
  6. Select your new domain, leave the directory box empty, and proceed.
  7. Congrats! Now you can log into your new site.

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