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Aabaco Web Hosting Review

Warning: I’m receiving an overwhelming amount of bad reviews for Aabaco, and it’s clear this company has dropped the ball and doesn’t give a shit about it. Excuse my language… You’d think they could do better than this.. I mean, it’s Yahoo, right? Apparently they just don’t care. Feel free to read my in-depth review to learn more about their plans, but be sure to see the latest real customer reviews at the bottom of the page.

What’s Better Than Aabaco?

Tip: If you’re considering migrating your site away from Aabaco due to poor service, you may like eHostI use one eHost cPanel Hosting account to host several sites and I recommend them to my clients (so I manage their accounts for them as well).

eHost offers a low monthly payment with no contract, plus a 45-day money back guarantee with industry-leading performance and customer service.



If you’d like to research eHost more, see my full review of all their plans here (opens in a new tab).

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And now, on to the review…

Aabaco… Where do I start?

Yahoo! needs no introduction. It was once the king of search engines – and the Internet in general – until Google came to challenge the throne. Anyway, I’m not going to dig through its past majesty because right now, you’re obviously in need of a reliable web host!

But what’s an online directory/search engine got to do with my search for a web host?” Well, if there’s one web service Google haven’t focused much on, it’s got to be web hosting. Yahoo! knew the importance of hosting to those who want to make their presence known online. A website needs a good web host for it to be fully functional. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With the aim to provide reliable web hosting services at an affordable price, Yahoo! introduced Yahoo! Small Business.

Transition Into Becoming a “Better” Web Hosting Provider

As the name implies, Yahoo! Small Business’ web hosting services are aimed towards small business owners who want to make their own mark online. But unlike other web hosts that offer a range of hosting packages, they offer a one-size-fits-all solution that includes some really useful features that make it particularly appealing to newbies. But the thing is, it’s quite – and for the lack of a better word – “generic”.

There’s nothing about Yahoo! Small Business’ features that truly stand out to make me consider it a “one-of-a-kind web host”. And as years passed by, more and more clients are complaining about poor customer service. So before everything turns from bad to worse, Yahoo! made a surprising move by transitioning their web hosting service to one that’s (hopefully) much better, in the form of Aabaco Small Business.

New name, new company. That’s right, Yahoo! Small Business has now been officially rebranded as Aabaco Small Business. Soon, they will become a part of Aabaco Holdings, Inc. once it’s spun off from Yahoo!. A few months ago, the company was under the domain name “Luminate”, but they thought it’s an even better idea to have a name that’s more aligned with their soon-to-be parent company, which is Aabaco Holdings. There was a little bit of confusion back then but now, they’ve finally settled with Aabaco Small Business.

Aabaco Small Business: Bigger and Better

Logo Aabaco Small Business picks up where Yahoo! left off, and is armed with the right tools and services to better support your growing business. Here’s what you can do if you sign up with them:

  • Use flexible web design options to build a professional-looking eCommerce site.
  • Access to a wide selection of beautifully crafted design templates or customize your own online store with the built-in editor and wizard.
  • Ability to use third-party software for building an online store, including Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, or any HTML editing tools.
  • Find an expert in Aabaco Small Business’ developer network to assist you in creating a fully customized eCommerce site that includes all the necessary features and functions for your business.
  • Create SEO-friendly web pages using wizards and optimize content to improve your site’s rankings in various search engines.

The thing is, even before the transition, Yahoo! Small Business is a web hosting provider that’s lesser known compared to other brands. They came in late in the game, but they probably thought it’s better late than never when they launched their hosting packages. It may not be the best option for everyone but there’s something about this web host that’s worth taking a look at. For one, it’s a part of a company with a lot of experience and expertise in the field, and they’re now passing it on to their clients. They can’t just risk losing their reputation as an Internet powerhouse by providing mediocre web hosting services, right? And they have something to show for it!

Eager to know more about this web host because you take the plunge? Read this in-depth review first to see if their features and services are worth the price tag for you.

Aabaco Web Hosting Plans

Aabaco Small Business offer shared web hosting and eCommerce web hosting solutions. Here, I’ll go over both hosting options and discuss the features that come with theme, including the options and pricing.

Shared Web Hosting

Aabaco offers three different shared web hosting plans: Basic, Advanced, and Premier, similar to hosts like HostGator, BlueHost, eHost and iPage.

If you’re looking to build a small, personal website, you should start with the Basic plan. Pricing starts at just $5.99/month, but could drop as low as $3.75/month if you commit with Aabaco for 5 years. The plan already includes 250 email accounts, FREE domain, 100 GB worth of disk space, plus 1000 GB monthly data transfers. You also have access to Aabaco site design tools so you can quickly and easily build your own site.

For those who are planning to launch a business site, you can’t go wrong with the Advanced plan, which starts at $9.99/month (or as low as $5.99/month if you commit for 5 years). It builds upon the Basic plan by adding 500 GB storage space, 5000 GB worth of bandwidth per month, plus access to Aabaco and third-party site-building tools.

Expecting heavy traffic volume to your site? You should go for the more powerful Premier hosting plan. The price starts at $14.99/month, but could drop to just $8.99/month, with a 5-year commitment. With this plan, you’ll get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, plus private domain name registration.

Here’s a comparison chart to guide you:

Basic Advanced Premier
Pricing $3.75/month $5.99/month $8.99/month
Disk Space 100 GB 500 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 1000 GB per month 5000 GB per month Unlimited
Site Pages 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 250 500 1000
Site Design Tools Aabaco Small Business only Aabaco Small Business + third-party software Aabaco Small Business + third-party software
Unlimited Databases
FREE Domain
Private Domain Registration
Ad Credit $100 Coupon $100 Coupon $100 Coupon
WordPress Blogging
phpMyAdmin (FREE open-source add-on)
Shared SSL Certificates with 256k (bank-level) Encryption

Websites hosted under Aabaco run on the Unix/Linux operating system (OS) and Apache servers. If you wish to run your site on the Windows OS and ASP.Net server, it’s best to look elsewhere because Aabaco currently doesn’t have that option. Alternatives options for Windows hosting include Arvixe and HostGator. Make sure to check out my reviews on these web hosts to find out more!

What’s in the Bag?

Aabaco’s shared hosting plans comes with plenty of features and services to get your site up and running fast. Here are some features that are particularly appealing:

Ability to Customize Your Own Site

CustomAabaco provides you with easy-to-use design tools so you can easily create your own website even if you haven’t touched a single line of code before. There’s no need to download any special software or application, nor is it necessary for you to have tech experience – everything you need is just within your reach.

Too busy to build a website from scratch? No worries! Aabaco is one of the very few web hosts that offer professionally design web templates that you can use for FREE so you can quickly build a website in an instant. Here are some samples of their templates:


Pretty cool, don’t you think? Best of all, each of these pre-built templates have flexible page layouts and pages that are tailored to suit your business. You don’t have to waste money hiring a professional web designer because you can now design and customize your own site based on your own preference.

Analytics Tools to Get Your Business on the Right Direction


Aabaco’s shared web hosting plans come packed with useful analytics tools to help you monitor and analyze statistics to improve your website’s performance. You can easily add Yahoo Web Analytics and Google Analytics to track your site and gather more actionable website and marketing metrics. However, you must set up separate accounts.

Want more amazing analytics tools? With the Live Insights app, you can view in real time what products your customers are buying or what pages site visitors are browsing. You can even get in touch with your customers with the intuitive live chat system.


Live Insights will even help you identify your top keywords, top referring sites, and more – at a glance! Want to know where your traffic is coming from? Let this app do the job for you and see which of your marketing efforts are giving you the best return of investment. You can do all of these – and more – with the Live Insights app, which you can download for FREE on your desktop or iPhone. Not all web hosts offer an app as amazing as this one, and for this, I give Aabaco two thumbs way up!

More Tools and Features for an Amazing Site-Building Experience

Each Aabaco shared hosting plan includes the following:

  • Email features like unlimited email storage, email forwarding, POP and SMTP support, web and mobile mail access, compatibility with email software like Outlook, shared personal calendar, Norton AntiVirus, and more! Each hosting package even comes with a catch-all mailbox that allows you to receive email sent to your domain that might be misspelled or misaddressed.
  • Interactive and multimedia features such as fully customizable forms for surveys, feedbacks, etc.; map with preconfigured driving directions to your business; image gallery with slideshow tool; photo comparison page for showcasing before and after images; video showcase and gallery; built-in audio player and download tool; badges for linking your social media accounts; PayPal Buy Now, Pay Now, and Donate buttons; and support for Google Adsense ads.
  • Help and customer support such as 24-hour phone and email, online Getting Started guides, video tutorials, and comprehensive online help center.

In my experience testing out various web hosting services, Aabaco is one such company that offers some of the most feature-rich shared hosting plans available in the market. What’s more, the price is so cheap, it’s too good to be true! Aabaco definitely gave their all into these hosting packages, and it’s quite understandable since they only offer shared hosting.

Yup, just like Yahoo! Small Business, they still don’t offer Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated web hosting plans, which could put off those who are looking for a more robust hosting plan for creating and managing larger, high-traffic websites. Hopefully, they’ll add these hosting options in the near future. For now, if you like to build a website on a VPS or dedicated server, you’ll need an alternative web host like BlueHost, eHost, or iPage. They offer solid features on their hosting packages, and at decent prices, too.

eCommerce Web Hosting Solutions

Now this is where Aabaco truly stands out from the competition. Unlike other web hosts, they offer web hosting solutions that are tailored for eCommerce sites of any type and size. By purchasing an eCommerce hosting plan, your online store will be:

  • Stable. Aabaco will make sure that your eCommerce site stays up 24/7 and straight through the holiday season.
  • Scalable. Aabaco claims that they are the only major eCommerce platform to experience 100% for the past 5 years, even during the holidays.
  • Secure. Sensitive information will be kept safe and secure at all times with Aabaco’s secure payment gateway service, as well as PCI and CISP compliance.


Aabaco offers three different eCommerce hosting plans for you to choose from, namely Basic, Professional, and Premier.

The Basic plan starts at $26/month and is the ideal solution for businesses that are just getting started online and are looking to build a simple website. It comes with FREE domain, a mobile storefront, 10 business email accounts, 1.5% transaction fee, $100 worth of Bing Search Ads credit, PayPal support, and SEO tools.

Next up is the Professional plan, which costs $69/month. It’s geared towards growing businesses that require unlimited storage to store their products. It builds upon the Basic plan, but with 30 business email accounts included, 1.00% transaction fee, plus API access for third-party solutions, among others.

The highest eCommerce package, the Premier plan is at $249/month. It’s intended for those who need to build an eCommerce site with the highest level of performance; with unparalleled tools to take their business to the next level. It comes with 1,000 business email accounts, and carries a mere 0.75% transaction fee. And unlike the Basic and Professional plans, Premier comes with priority phone support and a designated account manager so you can better manage your website(s).

Not sure which eCommerce hosting plan to go for? Here’s a comparison chart to help you make a decision:

Basic Professional Premier
No. of products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FREE Domain
No. of business email accounts 10 30 1,000
Transaction Fee 1.50% 1.00% 0.75%
$100 Bing Search Ads Credit
Mobile Storefront
SEO Tools
Social Media Support
PayPal Support
API Access for 3rd Party Solutions
Priority Phone Support
Designated Account Manager

If you choose any of these plans, take note that they are billed annually. There’s no monthly payment option, which means you have to commit to Aabaco for at least 1 year.

If you prefer to pay month-to-month and cancel anytime, you may like HostGator. I use them for several of my own sites, and for all my clients’ sites.

HostGator offers a low month-to-month payment with no contract, plus a 45-day money back guarantee with industry-leading performance and customer service.


What’s in the Bag?

No fluff – just the useful stuff! Aabaco’s eCommerce web hosting plans come with the necessary tools to help grow your business online.

Just like their shared hosting plans, Aabaco’s eCommerce hosting plans come with user-friendly, highly customizable website templates that allow you to build an online store minus the time-consuming task of having to build one from scratch. Most of these templates are nicely crafted so you can have a professional-looking site that not only looks good on desktop, but also on smartphones and tablets.

eCommerce Templates

With an eCommerce hosting plan, your online store can accept payments on various payment gateways, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, and the ever-popular PayPal. And with out-of-the-box shipping integrations like UPS, you can print labels, set shipping fees, and much more, right on your online store!

Want more eCommerce goodness? All of Aabaco’s eCommerce hosting plans even come with powerful applications to further expand your online store’s functionality!


It’s amazing how Aabaco have put these together to help your business succeed online. You don’t even have to pay hundreds of bucks for these, so it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Set Up a WordPress Blog with Aabaco Small Business

Many web hosting providers are often compatible with popular blogging platform, WordPress. They offer managed WordPress hosting packages that are especially designed for those who love to build their blogs or websites in this amazing platform. The problem is that Aabaco is one of those few web hosts that don’t come with managed WordPress hosting. This means that you have to do the heavy work yourself if you wish to migrate an existing WordPress site or want to build one from the ground-up.

You can actually import your WordPress site from the control panel, via the “Blog Manager”. But if you’re using the Basic shared hosting plan, you won’t find the option to do so. Why? Because it doesn’t come included in the package! In short, you need to upgrade to a higher plan before you can import or create a WordPress-based site. I found this to be quite a hassle, especially when I know that every other web host I’ve tested allow me to one-click install WordPress even with their most basic shared hosting plan.



So if you upgrade to their Advanced or Premier plan, sure enough, you’ll be able to find the WordPress icon in the “Blog Manager” section of the control panel. Once you click it, you must enter your WordPress username, password, and email address, and then you can start setting up your WordPress blog.

Seeing as they’ve only recently transitioned to a new web hosting company, I’m pretty sure adding a managed WordPress hosting plan isn’t under Aabaco’s radar yet. Hopefully, they’ll add one, along with VPS and dedicated web hosting. But until then, I suggest you look somewhere else if you’re looking for convenience in creating and managing a WordPress site.

BlueHost is excellent alternative since they offer one of the best managed WordPress hosting in the market. Don’t forget to check my in-depth BlueHost review for more details about this amazing web host!

Control Panel

While I prefer the cPanel control panel, I must admit I’m quite impressed with Aabaco’s easy-to-use control panel. Aptly called the Business Control Panel, it serves as the hub or entry point through which you can access various tools and services offered by Aabaco. You can directly access your control panel here. If you haven’t signed into your hosting account, you will be prompted to enter your Aabaco username and password. You can access the Business Control Panel from most screens in a Business Email account simply by doing the following avenue of action:

  • Click the “Manage My Services” button found near the upper right corner of the screen.


  • From the pull-down menu, click “Business Control Panel”


  • From there, you can:
  • Access control panels associated with the service(s) in your hosting account
  • Check domain-based email
  • Upgrade or downgrade your current hosting plan or purchase add-ons
  • Cancel your hosting plan


The Business Control Panel has a user-friendly interface. You can easily add or delete pages, change the layouts, and customize the designs to your liking. Overall, it’s straightforward and plain simple – perfect for newbies!

Having problems with your site? Aabaco provides a “System Status” page where you can check recent technical issues that have been logged. This goes to show that Aabaco is serious about providing quality service, so much so that they’re transparent about any issues faced by their clients and that they’re doing their best to fix them.

For those who are already familiar with using control panels like cPanel and vDeck, using the Business Control Panel will be a walk in the park. But for advanced users who want a bit more “spice” in their site-building experience, it may appear bland and boring. So if you want more advanced features and controls, you might want to consider going for a web host that offers the vDeck or cPanel control panel.

Uptime and Reliability

Many customers report that Aabaco generally provides stable hosting service, without any major issues. But since they’re focused on small businesses, their hosting operation tends to be vulnerable to traffic spikes. This means that your website will crash if you suddenly experience a huge influx of visitors in your site and the server could no longer handle it.

Traffic spikes during holiday shopping events are particularly troublesome. They hit many of the sites hosted by Aabaco which can often end up slowing everyone down or even causing major downtime. The worst is that it tends to occur at the worst times since businesses need their website to be at its optimum performance during peak times more than ever.

My advice? If you don’t want your business to be disrupted due to traffic spikes and performance issues brought about by the server, go for a web host that offers more robust hosting packages – one with VPS and dedicated server hosting options. BlueHost is the best place for you to get started.

Risk-Free 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not satisfied with Aabaco’s services? No worries! You can try Aabaco without the risk, thanks to their 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So if, for any reason, you wish to cancel your hosting account, Aabaco will give you your money back in full – no questions asked!

Take note, however, that the 30-day satisfaction guarantee comes with limitations. Firstly, it only applies to new clients, as well as existing clients who wish to upgrade their hosting plan. You will receive a refund from your hosting fee, including any setup fees (if you’re not fully satisfied). This, however, doesn’t include the domain registration fee. Also, if the total web hosting fee paid by you is less than $9.95 per year non-refundable charge, you will not be eligible for the 30-day trial.

Customer Support

Customer SupportThere may be a few hiccups with some of Aabaco’s services, but it’s with their help and support that they truly need to straighten out. First of all, they don’t have a live chat facility available, which is unfortunate for those who require immediate help. I give them credit for providing email ticketing, a knowledgebase, and a few video tutorials, though. But the real problem lies in their phone support. It’s difficult to navigate and when I tried to contact them, I had to wait a good 12 minutes before a representative answered the phone. It’s one of the longest times I had to wait for phone support, which kind of puts Aabaco in a bad light. I hope they provide estimates so customers won’t have to be stuck waiting for someone to answer their call.

The long wait time aside, there’s still something good to say about their customer support. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the rep who answered my call even spoke with great clarity so I was pretty sure that I was speaking to someone in the US. I asked him about the difference between their shared hosting plans and their eCommerce hosting solutions and it just took a moment for him to provide the answers I was looking for. The level of expertise and professionalism presented by the rep impressed me, which somehow made up for the long wait time. Still, responsiveness is key so I’d give their customer support 3 out of 5 stars.

Aabaco Web Hosting Pros and Cons

It’s time to decide. Is Aabaco Small Business the right choice for your web hosting needs? What are the perks and benefits of choosing this web host? What could be the disadvantages that I need to look out for? Here are the pros and cons of using Aabaco Small Business:


  • Affordable and feature-rich shared hosting and eCommerce hosting plans
  • Includes a desktop and mobile app for analyzing statistics and website performance
  • Lots of free web design and eCommerce tools
  • Includes a whole plethora of professionally designed website templates
  • Simple and easy-to-use control panel


  • Absence of VPS, dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting plans
  • Requires an Advanced or Premier shared hosting plan before you can install WordPress
  • Control panel is not as powerful as other industrial standard control panels like vDeck and cPanel
  • May not be able to handle traffic spikes
  • Long wait times on their phone support

Aabaco Small Business is fairly new in the web hosting game so while they’re still transitioning to become a better web hosting company, I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt. I will continue to monitor and test their services in the next few months, so make sure to visit this page from time to time as I continue to update it should any news or changes with their system come up.

Aabaco vs iPage vs HostGator

Aabaco iPage HostGator
Starting Price $5.99/mo $1.99/mo $3.95/mo
Control Panel Business Control Panel vDeck cPanel
1-click WordPress Install
Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting
Unlimited Email
Monthly Payment Option
Money Back Gurantee 30-Day 30-Day 45-Day
99% Uptime Guarantee
Customer Support
Learn More Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website

If you’re in need of a simple web host and you like the idea of being associated with an Internet giant like Yahoo!, then Aabaco Small Business is a good option for you. They may not be the cheapest (though not the most expensive) in the market, but they do offer plenty of features that give value for money and will really make you think about getting them.

Advanced users will most likely get bored with the basic functionality of this web host, and their hosting packages pale in comparison to other top-ranking web hosting services. But if you don’t have experience and knowledge in coding and programming, then Aabaco may be for you.

Still, if you want a fully stocked web host, it’s best to look elsewhere since Aabaco only offers shared and eCommerce hosting solutions. In fact, the lack of diversity in their web hosting packages make me recommend this web host with reservations.

Even worse, the customer feedback posted below shows Aabaco is rapidly going downhill and seems to just ignore customer support requests for the most part.

My recommendation is that you look at HostGator and consider them as an option. Here’s why…

Total Score

Aabaco Small Business (formerly Yahoo web hosting) is a web host that offers just the right features and services for those looking for affordable and reliable shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting plan. Unfortunately, we are receiving many complaints about this company failing to provide services paid for.

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