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InMotion Hosting Review 2024: A Detailed Analysis of Features and Performance

If you’re new to the web hosting scene (or maybe you’ve been living under a rock this whole time), InMotion Hosting is a popular web hosting company that’s worth taking a look. They’ve been in business since the year 2001, which means they are veterans in the industry and they know well how to keep their customers satisfied.

InMotion Hosting Plans – Premium Web Hosting At An Affordable Price

For more than 10 years, InMotion Hosting has developed a brand around being the “geek’s choice” that many businesses love. Now, they boast a loyal customer base comprised of over 300,000 client websites. They are known for providing some of the cheapest shared web hosting plans that are suitable for every budget and website. What’s more, their managed WordPress hosting is so comprehensive that I’m personally putting them to the top spot for that particular category.

You should definitely check out InMotion Hosting, but know that this hosting company has a few minor issues that keep it from gaining the #1 spot for budget web hosting, which is currently taken by iPage. Setting that aside for a bit, though, just imagine how far they’ve gone to become part of everyone’s top 5 hosting recommendations. This is amazing in itself, given the fact that there are literally THOUSANDS of web hosting companies out there. It’s obvious how they continue to keep attracting more and more customers into their base – and it’s certainly not some devious magic trick! Yes, that’s right, they’re committed to providing nothing but the best service for their clients!

So before you move on to a different web host, take some time to read my in-depth review about InMotion Hosting and discover why it’s actually worth your time, effort AND money.

Let’s jump right in!

InMotion Hosting Plans – Premium Web Hosting At An Affordable Price

InMotion Hosting has a full suite of web hosting features, with various hosting plans that are suitable for any budget and websites of any size. So if you’re looking to build a website from scratch or host a large, established one, trust that this web host has the appropriate plan for it.

Each of InMotion Hosting’s plans offers a wide range of useful features and tools, at different levels of performance. Typically, small business owners start off with an affordable shared hosting plan. Once they need more features and higher level of performance, they eventually upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting plan to further grow their business.


To get a better picture of InMotion Hosting’s offerings, here’s a brief overview of all the different hosting plans and the useful features that come with them:

Shared Hosting Plans for Small Business Owners and Startups

Unlike other web hosts that offer only one shared hosting package, InMotion Hosting has three Linux-based shared web hosting plans for you to choose from. Aptly called Shared Business Hosting, their plans are perfect for static websites, database-driven content management systems (CMS), and custom applications. It’s an excellent option for website owners looking to launch a site for their business.

The most basic shared hosting plan, Launch, is currently at $4.89 per month. The Power plan is at $6.29 per month, while the Pro plan costs $10.49 per month.


InMotion Hosting is currently offering discounts up to 38% on their shared hosting plans. So before the promo ends, make sure to pick a plan that best suits you!

For the nerds in the audience, you’ll definitely love the SSH access, including their support for popular programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python. You don’t even have to worry about your data’s protection since all of their shared hosting plans include regular data backups.

For the rest of us, we’ll love the convenience of the free domain transfers InMotion Hosting offers, as well as their 24/7 US-based technical support. The free domain, website builder, and eCommerce support are a nice touch.


All in all, the Shared Business Hosting plans are just enough for small business owners and for those looking for higher end hardware. But without their discounts, InMotion Hosting carries a higher price tag than that of the competition. This is one reason the web host falls a bit lower on my list of budget web hosts. But since they have a great list of features, it certainly helps justify the extra cost.

Disk Space (GB)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Websites on 1 Account26Unlimited
FREE Domain Registration/Transfer
FREE Data Backups
FREE Ad Credits$250$250$250
eCommerce Support
MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases250Unlimited
Premium Website Builder
Linux-Based Servers
Windows-Based Servers

VPS Hosting Plans for Scalable and Flexible Website Management

InMotion Hosting offers decent VPS hosting, with generous amounts of disk space, bandwidth, and RAM. They have three different VPS plans (VPS 1000-S, VPS-2000s and VPS-3000s), starting at a rather pricey $29.99 per month (discounted price).


Like their shared hosting plans, InMotion Hosting are also offering juicy discounts up to 51% off on their VPS plans, so hurry before the sale ends!

Their VPS plans run on CentOS 6 Linux operating systems (OS), all of which come with the user-friendly control panel, cPanel. Each VPS plan also comes with the incredibly amazing Web Hosting Management (WHM) which makes it easy for users to resell unused server resources. Overall, the plans have pretty decent specs, such as unlimited email, dedicated disk space and bandwidth, and more.

Available RAM4 GB6 GB8 GB
RAID 6 Fault Tolerant Disk Space60 GB130 GB200 GB
Monthly Premium Transfer2 TB3 TB4 TB
Dedicated IP Addresses223
Websites on 1 AccountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FREE Domain Registration/TransferIncluded with all 6- and 12-month plansIncluded with all 6- and 12-month plansIncluded with all 6- and 12-month plans
FREE Full cPanel License (up to $200 annual value)
Linux-Based Servers
Windows-Based Servers

Dedicated Hosting Plans for Maximum Performance

InMotion Hosting boasts cutting-edge Linux-based dedicated servers that can easily be configured to suit the needs of any business or enterprise. They have single and dual processor dedicated servers, with FREE SSDs that maximize website performance.

Unlike other web hosts, InMotion Hosting lets you choose from SIX different dedicated hosting plans: Essential, Advanced, Elite, Commercial Class 500, Commercial Class 1000, and Commercial Class 2000. This makes them a top choice for large-sized businesses who want all-around hosting packages that will meet their websites’ specific requirements.

At the time of writing, InMotion Hosting does not offer discounts on their commercial class dedicated servers. Depending on your choice of hosting package, the pricing could reach well up to $600. Hopefully, you have a deep enough pocket for a hosting plan this pricey!



InMotion Hosting’s fully managed custom dedicated servers come packed LAMP stack, with a dedicated team of experts who proactively monitor your server and are available around-the-clock for custom configurations.


With dedicated hosting plans that are loaded with cool and useful features and tools, InMotion Hosting is a top bet for those looking to build large websites for their brand or business.

Disk SpaceMonthly Premium TransferIntel® CPU SpecsCPU CacheRAM IncludedFREE SSDs
Essential1 TB 7.2K SATA6 TBXeon® X Series or better2 MB or better4 GB
Advanced120 GB SSD or 1 TB 7.2K SATA310 TBXeon® X Series or better8 MB8 GB
EliteRAID-1: 2×250 GB SSD or 2×2 TB 7.2K SATA10 TBXeon® E3-1230- V28 MB16 GB
Commercial Class 500RAID-1 2×250 GB SSD15 TBXeon® E3-2430- V215 MB16 GB
Commercial Class 1000RAID-1 2×500 GB SSD15 TBXeon® E3-2430- V215 MB32 GB
Commercial Class 2000RAID-6 4×500 GB SSD15 TBDual Xeon® E3-2430- V215 MB64 GB

If you’re still not sure which hosting plan is right for you, you can always call InMotion Hosting’s sales team. However, if you’re just starting out and looking to launch a brand-new site, I highly recommend you start with any of their shared hosting plans. Once your website has outgrown a shared hosting plan, the next step is to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan. As you can see, this web host offer an excellent mix of performance, pricing, and features in all of their VPS plans, so you won’t have a difficult time choosing one that best suits your needs.

Once you’re set to manage high-traffic websites that require maximum performance and speed, it’s time to go for a dedicated server. InMotion Hosting offer various dedicated hosting plans for different levels of sophistication. I highly recommend it for enterprise-level hosting, particularly for business owners who have plenty of cash to spend on the best possible web hosting solution.

Setting Up a WordPress Site with InMotion Hosting


WordPress is known for being the most widely used free open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) in the market. However, its functionality goes much beyond it! With it, you can create a fully functional website, so it’s an extremely valuable resource.

With InMotion Hosting, you can easily install WordPress on a standard Linux-based server. You can do this through a web hosting plan or simply sign up for their managed WordPress hosting, which starts at $7.99 per month. The latter is the best option as it’s specifically designed for WordPress and its associated plugins and themes. In fact, as with any managed WordPress hosting plan, you no longer have to install the CMS at all because it already comes pre-installed! Once you’re logged into your WordPress account, you can immediately create posts, pages, and galleries like you would with any other self-hosted WordPress-based site.

InMotion Hosting tops the competition by tossing all limitations to the side. Their managed WordPress hosting plan offers unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth, and page views per month. A lot of managed WordPress hosts I’ve reviewed have limitations in place. What’s more, a free domain name is even part of the package, which is a big plus. Other useful features include daily backups and Google Apps integration, among others.

Unfortunately, if you’re going for the basic shared hosting plan (Launch), you won’t have eCommerce support. Regardless, InMotion Hosting has one of the best offerings for managed WordPress hosting.

A Lengthy 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The first time I discovered that InMotion Hosting is offering a 90-day money-back guarantee, I was simply amazed. I’ve never found any other web host having such a lengthy money-back guarantee for their hosting service. The industry norm is 30- or 45-day money-back guarantee. This is especially reassuring if you’re paying for a full year to get better pricing – and that’s what web hosts usually require you to do.

Okay, some of you may not care much about the money-back guarantee to determine if a web host is performing well. But InMotion Hosting’s longer-than-usual trial period indicates a few positive things. One, they’re very confident with the quality of their service; and two, the lengthy trial period shows that they have a strong commitment for customer satisfaction.

And just when you thought their 90-day money-back guarantee is too much, InMotion Hosting is even offering an Anytime Money-Back Guarantee! This means that you can still cancel your subscription even after the 90-day trial period and get back the remaining subscription fees. How amazing is that? 90 days is already a nice long time, so this gives you plenty of time to test InMotion Hosting’s service at absolutely no risk!

Rock-Solid Uptime Track Record

Uptime is an important aspect of the overall hosting experience. If your website is always down, customers will not be able to find your business and access your products/services. As a business owner who wants to maximize profits through an eCommerce site, this is a complete nightmare!

But if you sign up for an account with InMotion Hosting, you can be assured that they’ll do everything to keep your website working smoothly and optimally. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is a web hosting industry standard. They fully understand that even shortest amount of time a site is down can greatly affect a business.

InMotion Hosting’s choice of data center is another huge plus because it allows websites to run faster and more efficiently. They’ve partnered with several service providers and peering exchanges so they can provide direct data sharing and maximum speed zones to boost the loading and performance speed of hosted websites. This is great news for customers and can help improve their site’s search engine rankings in the long run.

I trust this web hosting company for some of my sites and I continue to test and monitor their performance using a website monitoring tool called Pingdom. This is to get a more technical measure of performance data over a two-week period. Every 15 minutes, Pingdom pings my sites and sends me an email whenever it fails to contact any of my sites for at least one minute. The data revealed that InMotion Hosting is indeed very stable and is able to live up to their promise of providing 99.9% uptime for websites.

FREE Data Backups

Regular data backups are important for many web hosting providers. Just imagine a server going down or when you accidentally hit the delete button. If you have a backup, it might not be such a nightmarish scenario. Thankfully, InMotion Hosting does backups. But where they excel is that these backups are offered for FREE. That’s right! Unlike other web hosts like iPage, for example, InMotion Hosting do free automated backups. And compared to other hosts, they don’t put low limits on data backups. So if you’re running a site that’s loaded with images and/or videos, you don’t have to worry about data backups in case of an emergency. InMotion Hosting come with generous backup limits to allow you to store more data. This also adds an extra level of safety.


While you can trust your hosting company to do regular backups, you also need to do backups yourself. To keep it safe, you should never solely rely on your host for backups. You can always turn to them, however, in case of an emergency backup.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel Options for Account Management


InMotion Hosting uses the latest version of the ever-popular control panel for web hosting, which is cPanel. From here, you can easily manage your domains and email accounts, create backups for your site, configure the settings, and more. But with their version of cPanel, you can do more than what you typically see. You can customize the control panel any way you want just by dragging and dropping the different categories into place. It’s pretty straightforward, with no customized themes or modified branding, as you can see in the screenshot below:


You can even try out InMotion Hosting’s cPanel demo so you can learn how to use it before you make the final purchase. Not all web hosts offer demos like this, and it’s a great way to gauge how extremely easy it is to manage a website using cPanel.


One noteworthy add-on module that you can quickly access with cPanel is Softaculous, a popular third-party auto-installer that allows you to use various applications and install open source scripts, software, and CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Installing these features are effortless, with Softaculous’ one-click installation capabilities.

eCommerce Software Support for Online Shops


Business owners will definitely love the eCommerce support that comes with InMotion Hosting’s plans. They have a Premium Web Builder that offers an easy way to create and publish a full-featured and professional eCommerce site. For those who prefer to use open source shopping carts, InMotion Hosting supports all popular software including Magento, ZenCart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and osCommerce. They also have the latest versions of popular programming languages like MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL and Ruby, which guarantee 100% compatibility with all the software.

In terms of reliability, speed, and security, trust that InMotion Hosting will satisfy your eCommerce needs. You don’t even have to do a lot of time-consuming manual labor or even hire a professional to maintain your eCommerce site!

Take note, however, that InMotion Hosting’s basic shared plan, Launch, does not come with eCommerce support. So if you’re looking to launch an online shop, you have to pay a little more for the eCommerce tools. This isn’t such a bad idea, considering the number of sub-domains you need to run an online shop.

A Good Example of Top-Notch Technical Support

Customer Support

InMotion Hosting is committed to providing the best service to their clients, which is why they offer unrestricted 24/7 telephone, email, and live chat support. For those who don’t require immediate help, there are many available resources in their site, including video tutorials, a comprehensive FAQs section, as well as user forums where clients can ask questions and provide feedback. Unfortunately, you can’t take advantage of their priority support, unless you sign up to a higher hosting package.

To test the quality of their support staff, I used both phone and live chat options. I tried to push the shared hosting plan to its limits and called about any issues that came up. Many other web hosts would attempt to upsell me to their more expensive plans but with this web host, their customer care agent pulled up my account and told me exactly what the issue was. I was really impressed by the level of knowledge the rep has, and he was able to answer all of my questions almost immediately. Overall, the average wait time was almost 6 minutes.

Next, I used their live chat to find out how different their managed WordPress hosting is from the competition. Before I spoke with one of InMotion Hosting’s reps, the chat system prompted me to key in my query. It did return a couple of helpful links, but none were relevant to my query. A couple of minutes later, the human-based live chat started and I was immediately connected to a rep. I had a pretty satisfactory explanation and found the customer service to be excellent.


  • Offers a wide variety of hosting packages
  • Uses cPanel control panel
  • Good uptime
  • Free data backups
  • Various options for customer support
  • Excellent managed WordPress hosting options
  • Lengthy 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Provides too wide a range of hosting services, so choosing which plan to go for can be confusing
  • Lacks Windows-based servers
  • Basic-looking website builder
  • Frequent upselling of add-on services

Final Verdict – A Web Host That Deserves Your Attention

Whether you’re looking to launch a brand-new website or transfer a domain from another web host, InMotion Hosting is a pretty good web host to be involved with. In my experience, they’re trustworthy with the claims they make before signup. They have a pretty decent uptime, useful add-ons and eCommerce features, and a lengthy 90-day money-back guarantee to boot. That alone is enough for me to recommend this host. What’s more, they excel in terms of their managed WordPress hosting plan. However, they don’t support Windows-based servers, which is a bit of a letdown for those who are running websites that require Microsoft’s OS.

When InMotion Hosting say they don’t charge you for extra features, they do stand by their word. That’s not always the case when you sign up for an account with other web hosts. For this – and many other reasons – InMotion Hosting deserves a spot in my top 5 list of recommended budget web hosting.

Similar web hosting providers that offer a full suite of hosting features at incredibly low prices include iPage, eHost, BlueHost, and Arvixe. Don’t forget to check them out

We love InMotion for their offering of SSD (solid state drive) storage on most accounts now in 2015. SSD is faster and more reliable storage than hard disk drives can offer. Also, it’s worth noting that InMotion’s primary focus is on serving small businesses, and offering multiple plans and hosting types so they can grow with you seamlessly.

FAQ’s on Inmotion Hosting

Which InMotion hosting plan is best?

Because there are multiple hosting packages to select from, it is important to consider all of your options. Which one you choose will depend on what your specific needs are. You will also want to consider the budget you are working within, because each InMotion package comes with its own price. Although all of the packages come with free set up, there are different lengths of time you can choose. These lengths range from just 1 month to 24 months. For example, the Launch hosting packages from InMotion offers support for several different websites at once, as well as 6 domain names which have their own email address. You will also get two MySQL databases, which is something to consider when thinking about which package you are going to choose. The Power packages support 6 separate websites, and a total of 26 domains which each come with email. This package is best for those who want to host multiple websites at once. They are also priced modestly, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get exactly what you want. However, if you want more websites hosted, then the InMotion Pro package is what you will want to choose. With the ability to support up to 16 websites and an unlimited amount of domains with email, it is an ideal choice for professional businesspeople.

What number of websites can I host with one InMotion account?

The maximum amount of websites that can be hosted on a single InMotion account is 16, and it is on the Pro plan designed for small businesses. For only $17.95 each month, you will be able to host all of these websites without having to worry about managing separate accounts. You will also get access to many other features that are great for an online business, such as unlimited parked domains, unlimited disk pace, and monthly transfers. You will be able to go about business each month with a number of unlimited features while not having to pay too much for these types of services. Any business that wants simplistic yet fast and efficient hosting services will certainly want to consider InMotion. They support more websites on one single account than most others do, and at a price you will be able to pay for without any issues each month. If you have been considering purchasing hosting services from this company, it’s recommended that you spend some time looking at the different time periods offered. Some of them include 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. You will need to figure out which InMotion plan is best for you, best on what your special requirements are.

What is required to sign up with InMotion?

When you are first signing up with InMotion, you will need to do a few things, including choosing the specific hosting plan you want. This will ultimately determine how much you end up paying and which types of features are included in the package your get. You can get plans that are as long as 12 months or as short as 1, depending on what you require for your own website. There are three different types of hosting plans you can go with, including Pro, Power, and Launch. You will want to decide which one you need according to your own unique circumstances. You will then have to either choose a new domain with InMotion, or you will have to transfer another one to this company. Whether you want to purchase and register a new one or transfer an existing domain, you will need to enter in the domain itself to continue. After you have done this, you are on your way to having a website that can be hosted through InMotion. Once all of the steps to registration are complete, you will have complete access to all of the features that you selected. The hosting and domain registration services provided by this company are considered to be among the best on the Internet to date.

What is included in my InMotion web hosting plan?

There are different features included for all of the various plans offered by InMotion. If you are looking for personal web hosting services, then you will want to look at the features included for the Starter, Basic, and Max plans. Each of these comes with different features you will be able to use. With the Start plan for instance, you will get email forwarders, email autoresponders, image galleries, email aliases, and more. Because the Starter plan is somewhat basic and doesn’t come with many features, you may want to think about going with the Max plan. With this InMotion plan, you will get such features as a Coppermine image gallery, Geeklog and WordPress for blogging purposes, website plugs like Moodle and Counter, as well as a variety of other things that will help you with running your websites more efficiently. When you choose a business plan for your website, you will obviously get more than with a personal plan. Even though the price is slightly increased, it is well worth it when you consider everything you are getting. The more features you have for your website, the better you will be able to manage it on a daily basis.

What does InMotion give customers for free?

When you register with InMotion, you can expect to get numerous features and bonuses at no cost to you, such as a free domain name if you sign up for a 12 or 24 month hosting plan. When you get VPS account with this hosting company, you will also receive a full license to CPanel, an award-winning control panel program which can help immensely with controlling every aspect of your website and hosting services. It is an invaluable tool to have when you are running a business or a website online for personal reasons. The set up fee for all of the various hosting plans is also free, so you will not have to worry about spending extra money. One of the main reasons this company has become so popular is because it offers fair rates and prices for hosting plans, while supplying multiple features for free. This way customers will be able to put even more money towards important expenses. InMotion is one of the only web hosting companies which gives customers numerous bonuses and features just for signing up with a certain plan. It is truly the best you can do in terms of hosting online for your website.

InMotion: where are they located?

InMotion web hosting services have multiple locations across the United States. One of their sales teams operates out of Virginia Beach, VA. The 24 hour tech support services that this company provides to all of its customers located in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the most popular and growing areas of the country with a number of companies setting up offices in the area. One of the InMotion data centers is located in the L.A area. This company has carefully chosen geographical locations within the U.S for all of its technical support and data centers. They have been selected to provide the fastest connections possible to the largest areas of the country. No matter where you live, you will be able to receive a fast and reliable connection from InMotion. This coverage even extends to parts of Canada, so even if you are in a more isolated area of the nation, you can still expect to get fast and consistent services from this company. You will be able to go on the company’s website and view just which areas of the country receive the fastest connections, due to the chosen locations of data centers. It can be a helpful way to determine if InMotion is a good hosting service for you.

InMotion: long or short term contracts?

Whether you purchase a long or short term contract from InMotion hosting services will depend on what you want. While choosing a shorter contract may be cheaper, you will want to consider just how long you plan on using these features. If you plan on using these hosting services for a while, then a 12 or even 24 month contract plan might be what you need. If you are part of a small business and are a bit hesitant about whether or not you will be totally satisfied, then maybe a 1 or 6 month contract would be the best thing for you. The contract you choose depends on how willing to commit to these services you are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to choose a shorter-term contract, especially if you aren’t completely confident in whether you will need all of the services provided by InMotion. A lot of people tend to get 1 month contracts for this very reason. It is a way to test out these kinds of hosting services without making a huge financial commitment for a long period. However, for someone who plans on using them long-term, an extended contract is probably in order.

How much does InMotion hosting cost?

The cost of InMotion hosting depends entirely on which package you choose. Since there are a number of them to select from, it is important to choose the one which fits best with your own personal needs and requirements. The Launch, Power, and Pro plans you can choose from offer a variety of features that you will want to look at carefully. For example, the Launch plan is only $5.95 each month, and it includes such features as streaming audio/video, web calendar, password protected directories, and much more. You will simply need to sort through and take a long look at what all of your options are. If you decide to go with the InMotion Pro plan, you will be paying $17.95 each month. However, you will get many more features available for you to use whenever you want. Some of these bonus features you can expect to be able to use include a maximum of 16 websites on just one account, unlimited additional sub domains, unlimited disk space, and unlimited transfers. These features are great for small businesses who are trying to get a good start while saving as much money as possible in the process. Make sure to look at all of the plans available for a full selection.

How many free domains do I get from InMotion?

You are eligible for one free domain if you purchase a 12 or 24 month plan of any kind, whether it is for business or personal reasons. You will be able to get your choice of a .com, .net, .biz, .org, or .info domain name. InMotion is known for being one of the best hosting companies when it comes offering its customers something special. By signing up with them, you will be able to avoid all of the unnecessary and expensive costs that come with running a business. If you already have a domain name and want to transfer it, you will be able to do so for free if you purchase any 12 or 24-month plan. When you start to look around at all of the different options out there in terms of web hosting, you will soon discover that this is truly one of the best. One great feature offered by InMotion is domain privacy, and you only have to pay $9.00 each year for it. More and more people are choosing to sign up for plans offered by InMotion, mostly because of all the free features and domains provided upon registering. All in all it is a great deal that you will not want to pass up.

How do I sign up with InMotion?

You will be able to sign up with InMotion on their website. To get the process started, you will first need to choose a hosting plan. This will determine which features you will get and also how much you will pay each month. There are many options you will have to choose from, so it is highly recommended that you take your time in doing so. There are a few different types of business plans to choose from for small businesses, such as the Launch, Power, and Pro plans. On InMotion’s website, you will be able to see all of the features that you get with each individual plan. When signing up for a specific plan, you will also want to take into consideration the amount of time you want these hosting services for. There are plans that run as long as 24 months and ones which are only 1 month. The choice is yours, so make sure you make the right decision that is best for you. After you decide on a plan, you will want to move on to the next step of signing up, which is entering your current website or domain address. If you already have one that you would like transferred, then you will have to enter in when prompted. After you have completed these steps, you will be ready to take advantage of InMotion’s many web hosting features.

Does InMotion suck or is it a scam?

A lot of people are wondering if InMotion is just another scam. While it is true that there may be quite a few websites that pose as providers for web hosting or domain registration, this is a company that is completely legitimate in every single way. They have established themselves as one of the best hosting providers in the country, because of both the low prices of their plans and the variety they offer to businesses and individuals. It is a great place to choose if you need a company to help you host your website. Small businesses will especially be interested by all of the different features that can help to enhance any company’s performance. You will be able to go online and look through all of the reviews from people who have used InMotion for hosting services in the past. You will find that most of these reviews will be positive, simply because it is a company that provides reliable and consistent service, as well as an environmental conscience that is rarely seen in the corporate world. With everything considered, it is truly one of the best and most genuine hosting companies available.

Does InMotion offer any coupons or discounts?

You will find that once in a while InMotion offers special coupons and discounts to those interested in purchasing their services. Even if you cannot find any coupons or discounts offered on the website itself, you can usually locate them on other websites that offer them in exchange for doing some fast and simple such as a survey. Even without coupons, you will still be able to get cheap and fair rates for the hosting you require. InMotion offers web hosting services for both businesses and personal use. It is considered to be among the cheapest, most efficient hosting service websites on the Internet. For individuals, there are three kinds of plans to choose from, ranging from just $3.00 to $5.00. While the hosting plans for businesses are slightly more expensive, they are designed for professionals who need more advanced features to help with the everyday workings on just about any business. Whether you need hosting for personal or business websites, you will be able to find it at InMotion for a reasonable price that you will be able to afford. Saving money is something we all want to do, and this company understands this way of thinking, which is why they offer such cheap hosting plans for everyone.

Does InMotion offer a money back guarantee?

InMotion offers a 90 day money back guarantee on any 1 or 2 year business plan, including the Launch, Power, and Pro plans. You can also get a complete refund if you have purchased a 6 or 12 month Virtual Dedicated that is 1024 M, 256M, or 512M. If you have purchased one which is under 6 months, then you will only be eligible for a 30 money back guarantee. You can also get a full refund for 30 days if you have purchased a Dedicated Server Package that is either monthly or 6 months in length. The server packages mentioned above include the Essential, Advanced, and Elite plans. You are also eligible for a refund within 30 days if you purchased a personal web hosting plan such as the starter, basic, or max. These are considered to be value-class hosting plans, and you will be able to get all of your money back within a period of 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with it. One of the reasons InMotion is among the best hosting providers is because it is dedicated to pleasing customers by offering such features as a money back guarantee. It is good to know you can get your money back if you decide to change providers or are not completely satisfied.

Does InMotion do anything to protect the environment?

InMotion is proud to be able to advertise themselves as one of the most green web hosting companies in the world. Although data centers are a necessary aspect of web hosting, they know that doesn’t mean energy needs to get wasted on a regular basis. They have established one of the first green data centers in the area of Los Angeles, California. It is powered by outdoor cooling sources which make it an extremely environmentally-friendly operation. They have been able to cut the amount of money spent on energy by a whopping 70%, as well as reducing the amount of carbon output by around 2,000 tons each year. This is a massive accomplishment, and it is a trend that is starting to be seen more and more in corporate America. Another green initiative that InMotion has taken is to partner up with the nonprofit organization Trees for the Future, which is dedicated to finding green alternatives for agroforestry. By partnering with this company, they have helped plant well over 5,000 trees around the country and continue to help take care of the planet while running an efficient and effective hosting company.

Can InMotion run my website?

When you sign up with InMotion, you will get access to a variety of features, and above all, you will get top quality web hosting for your site. Although you will be able to pay this company to provide you with only the best in hosting services, they will not be directly responsible for running the various aspects of your website. They will offer you a reliable connection that you will be able to count on to keep your website up and running on a consistent basis. One of the best things about this particular hosting service is that you know your original website layout will never be tampered with in the form of pop up ads or banners. When you pay for these services, everything about your website will stay exactly the same. You will also be able to get access to a direct customer service line that is open around the clock. This is an especially nice feature if you find that there are any problems whatsoever with the services you are paying for. InMotion can give you the reliable speed and connection you require on a regular basis. If you are running a business online, this is an especially important thing to have, and this company can make it happen for you.

Marketing and Advertising

Is there an InMotion affiliate program?

If you happen to join InMotion’s affiliate program, then you will be able to earn as much as $100 for every sale made. In this program, there are extremely high commissions that can be very profitable for those who are involved. To be a part of it, all you have to do is go through and complete a simple sign-up process and then you will be able to begin making a significant amount of money on commission alone for every sale generated by your own website that you have created. There are a variety of benefits that you can look forward to when joining InMotion’s affiliate program. One such benefit is that fact that you will get paid monthly, bonuses for affiliate referrals, detailed tracking, a control panel which is user-friendly, no joining-fee, and much more. Many people have already joined the program and are earning money each time a sale is made through their website. You will get a variety of excellent products to sell, so you are sure to make at least something each month. Joining this program is the perfect way to supplement your income, so your business can start earning more on a regular basis. It’s an easy, quick, and simple way to earn extra cash, and you will want to take full advantage of it as soon as possible.

How do I get traffic to my website with InMotion?

Once you have a website hosted by InMotion, you will need to start coming up with ways to drive traffic to your website. One way is to use a blog, as many people are starting to do this online because of how well it works. If you are using a blog to generate traffic for your website, then you will want to keep a few key things in mind. One such thing is that you should begin to comment on other people’s blogs. The blog posts that you comment on should be very close in similarity to the one you are trying to promote on your blog. Using a proper domain name is another way to ensure that you drive as much traffic as possible to your own website. Using trackbacks and links to other blogs in the posts that you make is also an excellent idea. If you are not familiar with the term, then you will want to know exactly what a trackback is. Essentially it is a conversation in the sense that you are referencing another person’s blog posts through your own. This indicates that you have mentioned in them in your blog, in hopes that they will do the same. These are some of the best ways to draw more traffic to your site in a short time.

Does InMotion offer free Google, Yahoo or Facebook advertising credits?

While InMotion may not offer the free Google or Facebook advertising credits that other web hosts do, you will still find a much more reliable connection than with other hosting companies. The servers for InMotion are also much more stable and secure than many other businesses that offer similar services. When you are thinking about the best way to protect your business, you want to focus on the security of the servers where they are hosted. This is just one of the reasons why InMotion hosting is among the top companies for these services. It is important to choose the right plan before you commit to a certain package. If you are a business looking to host your website(s), then you will most likely want to consider the Business Class plan. This consists of three sub-categories, which are Launch, Power, and Pro. Each comes with their own features that can greatly benefit any business. The rates are cheap, the features many, and the support always reliable and 24 hours. InMotion hosting offers many different forms of support, including community and direct help centers for those who have questions they need answered or problems resolved quickly and efficiently.

Do I get free online marketing credits for signing up with InMotion?

Sometimes the web hosting company InMotion offers special deals regarding credits that they give away just for signing up. This is just one of the incentives you have for using this outstanding web hosting company. More and more people are making the switch from other hosts who just do not offer the same set of features and reliability that this one does. You get a lot of free stuff for doing practically nothing. Although some of these things may not seem to be useful at first, they will pay off in the end. You will be able to find marketing credits for Google, Yahoo, and many other companies. These can really be useful for many small and large businesses who want to earn some extra money, without having to invest a lot in the first place. One of the best indicators that you have stumbled upon a good hosting company is that it is willing to offer some of its customers free things in exchange for signing up for one of the plans they offer. With InMotion, there are certainly many plans to choose from, especially for businesses. These free credits are just one of the great things you can expect to get for signing up.

Can I host my business website with InMotion?

You will find that the Business Class plan offered by InMotion web hosting is one of the best options for businesses who are looking for quality services for their websites. With this plan, you will be able to get all of the features you could possibly require. When it comes to the categories for this plan, you have the choices of Launch, Power, and Pro. You will want to decide according to what stage your own business is in. Small companies who are just starting out will want to think about getting launch. Larger businesses who are beginning to break into larger markets might want to opt for the pro plan. No matter what plan you choose, you will get a fast and reliable connection. However, there are different features associated with all of the individual categories for the business class plan. With the Launch category, you can expect to get a maximum of 2 sites on a single account, along with a maximum of 6 domains registered. On the opposite end of the spectrum with a Pro plan, you will be able to have 15 websites on just one account and unlimited domains supported. The plan you choose will obviously depend on what your monthly budget is and which features you need, so you are encouraged to factor in these things before deciding on one.

Can I have a online shop with InMotion? Do they offer online shopping software?

Under InMotion’s E-Commerce features, you get a shopping cart script/application by choosing either the power or pro plans under the larger Business Class plan. These are for small to large businesses who are trying to increase profitability by opening up to a wider range of consumers online. If your business has been considering expanding to the web, then you will certainly want to look further into getting this feature. Although you will end up spending a little bit extra for such a hosting plan, it will give you all the tools you need to run a successful business online. The shopping cart application is commonly seen on most mainstream online shopping websites such as It allows customers to add specific items to a virtual cart, then proceed to a “check out” where they are prompted to either enter credit card information or even use a coupon/gift certificate to pay for the item(s) in their cart. InMotion provides this script to all users who opt for power or pro plans that come with many features, which are found to be useful to businesses of all kinds. You will find that InMotion is an all around excellent hosting company to choose, especially for businesses.

Can I become an InMotion reseller?

Yes, InMotion Hosting offers reseller plans for VPS Hosting plans. InMotion hosting does offer various reseller plans under the VPS hosting plans should you select any of them. If you need something more than what a shared hosting account can give you, then one of these plans might be ideal. You will get far more than just the ability to become a reseller. With a VPS plan, you will be able to get access to custom firewalls, large transfers, SSH access, and much more. Because the features that you get will depend on the individual package you choose, you will want to think about which one you absolutely need. For example, the 256M package comes with 256MB of dedicated memory, and 1 GB of burstable memory, whereas the 512M package comes with 512MB of dedicated memory and a total of 2 GB of burstable memory. If you should select the 1024M package, then you will gain full access to all of the features, including 1500GB of premium monthly transfers as well as unlimited parked domains. All of these VPS plans come with unlimited separate websites with no set-up fees whatsoever, so you will be able to save money and get the hosting services/features you need for yourself or your business.

Servers, Software and Setup

Where are the InMotion Servers Based?

When you choose to pay for web hosting services through InMotion, you will be able to select which server location you want. There are locations in both Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC. The United States IP address which InMotion provides to you will allow you to manage your website and keep it running quickly and consistently all the time. The services offered to you at remarkably low prices allow for the best features that you could ever expect from a hosting company. The servers used with InMotion web hosting are fast and operate on the latest technology, making for fast and reliable connections all around. There are many plans/packages you can purchase from InMotion, which is why it is recommended that you look through all of your options. When searching for the right hosting company, you want to be sure that the one you select has top quality servers, and with this company you will get just that. They mix affordability with efficiency, so every single day you will be able to save money while still depending on the services that keep your website running on a near-constant basis. The locations of their servers are such as to make these services run as quickly as possible for the most populated areas of the country.

What server technology does InMotion use?

You will be able to rest assured that the servers used by InMotion utilize only the best, most sophisticated technology available. The operating systems they use for their servers are Linux and Unix. Both of these combined make for an extremely effective server for web hosting. This is one the reasons why they are well-known for their speed and efficiency when it comes to allowing their customers to quickly transfer large amounts of data. One of the options you have regarding InMotion is MySQL databases. These are perfect for anyone who uses dynamic programming or has a shopping cart application. Even on the cheaper hosting plans with InMotion, you will still be able to get full access to these databases. This is a hosting company that puts you in control, so you won’t have to count on others to control every aspect of your website. Access to these databases comes at only $4 each month, and you will get several of them. All in all, the servers and databases which InMotion offers to customers are just about the best you will be able to find when looking for a good web hosting company.

What number of MYSQL databases are included at InMotion?

Depending on which package you select, you will be able to get a different amount of MySQL databases. While you will only get one with the basic plan, you get several with the Max plan. If you upgrade to Power you get 50 databases, and the most it is possible to have on a single account is 200 with the Pro plan. Because you will have to pay more with each upgrade, it’s important to think carefully about how many of these databases you need, versus how much you wish to spend. To create a MySQL database, you simply go into the cPanel and find the MySQL Databases category. You will be prompted to enter the name of the new database you wish to create under “Create New Database”. In order for this database to be fully operational, you will need to create a sign in username. This user will get full privileges and access to the database itself. It is a fairly straightforward process, and each step can be carried out in the cPanel on your InMotion hosted website. If you have any other questions regarding setting up these databases, you can refer to the main website’s help center for answers.

Is it possible to install phpBB or other forums at InMotion?

With InMotion, you get many different options, including the ability to install forums. It is one of the few web hosting services that encourages its users to build strong community ties on their websites. On the official InMotion website, you will be able to find multiple video tutorials detailing how to configure and set up phpBB software, which will help you get your forum up and running as soon as possible. You will be able to use some of these videos to configure your new board, set up forum permission, censor certain words to keep them from being used and much more. Communication is something most people value, especially online. If you have been wanting to start up a forum on your InMotion website, then you will want to pay especially close attention to these videos and what they have to offer. There are many other kinds of forums you can also set up on your website. You will be able to custom build your forum to suit your needs for its look and function. InMotion has a very helpful support section dedicated to providing tutorials for anyone who has any questions regarding this software.

Is FTP access possible at InMotion?

There are certain steps you will have to follow to get full FTP access on InMotion’s website. The first step is to sign into your account using the username and password which has been assigned to you. You will also need your domain name, or the name of your server. Once you have gathered all of this information, you will need to enter the appropriate web URL into Internet Explorer. It will consist of ftp:// followed by your username, password, and domain or server name. You will be uploading all of your files to the public html directory. The next step you take is double clicking on the folder marked “public html directory”, dragging and dropping any files you may have into the appropriate directory. To navigate through the directories, all you have to do is double click them to gain access. Going up one directory is just as simple as clicking the back arrow on your web browser. After you have completed these steps, you will have access to the FTP feature of InMotion web hosting. There is a help center with information regarding this process on their official website. You can visit it to learn more about what to do if you have any questions.

How many email addresses do I get at InMotion?

If you choose InMotion as your web host, you will be able to get unlimited email accounts without having to pay anything extra. This is a hosting company that understands how important communication is, especially within a business. You will be able to utilize these unlimited features to increase productivity and efficiency within your own business or personal life. To make your communication experience as convenient as possible on the web, you may have your email accounts linked to a program such as Outlook. This will give you the accessibility that you require to easily stay in touch with whoever you need to. Businesses will want to think about how they set up the email feature for their web hosting account with InMotion. You will be able to either make several accounts to keep things simple, or you can assign each employee their own email me address. Although the choice is up to you, it is highly recommended that you choose the option which will work best for you. It’s all about making communication easy and efficient, so consider all of your choices before deciding. To have your business run as smoothly as possible, you will want to keep thing uncluttered and organized. In order to do this, you may want to consider separate accounts for many email addresses.

How easy is the InMotion control panel to use? Is it cPanel?

InMotion’s Control Panel, or cPanel as it is also referred to, is easier to use than most other ones you will find on similar hosting websites. You will have full access to all of the various features that you will need to control and manage your website. This includes an email category for blocking any unwanted emails, as well as reading emails directly from the Internet and changing the password for your mailboxes. In this control panel, you will be able to easily navigate your way around to the tools section, which provides users with access to the forums, bulletin boards, and statistics for the websites being hosted in detail. There are also the advanced features to look at in the Control Panel. Some of these features include the ability to view error logs, a CRON job editor, HotLink protection, the ability to create your own custom 404 error message, and much more. One of the most common remarks in consumer reviews about InMotion is that their Control Panel is easy to go through, and the features are extremely helpful in managing the websites you have hosted. You will find that it has an easy-to-understand interface, so you will be able to locate any feature you need to use in a minimal amount of time.

How does InMotion combat virus and spam threats?

InMotion takes a very proactive approach to defusing all threats pertaining to viruses or spam before they are able to cause any damage whatsoever. Advanced technology and software detects and prevents viruses from entering their systems. Both UNIX and Linux operating systems are also utilized to minimize the risk of security breaches. InMotion’s servers are among the most secure of all the web hosting companies in the entire country. This company has a team of web specialists to solve problems relating to security before they even come close to affecting their customers. The spam filters which InMotion use are also very effective at blocking spam from the inboxes and websites of customers. Security measures protect access to all servers, which ensure that no unauthorized person can change or tamper with anything. Spam filters make it so that customers are not flooded with advertisements or email that could be perceived as spam. All data transfer for InMotion is encrypted as well, so you will be able to know that no matter what, your account and website will be protected by the very best of technology.

Does InMotion offer Fantastico? What can I use it for?

Fantastico is just one of the many features offered by InMotion. It can be found in the cPanel, and is commonly used to set up various scripts and websites on the hosting server. With the help of Fantastico, you will be able to do a multitude of things, including doing set up configuration, as well as automatically extracting scripts. You will be able to find plenty of scripts which are totally free of charge. All you have to do is go through them, select the one you want, and install it to your specific hosting account. Some of the different scripts you can expect to get access to with Fantastico are WordPress blog, OS Commerce, Nucleus Blog, and the Zen Shopping Cart. You will be able to browse through these and many more to find the one which will suit your website the best. When you select and install a certain script, you will have used up one of your allotted MySQL databases. When you delete one, a space automatically frees up. If required, you will be able to purchase extra databases for even more scripts. These features can be very useful for a number of reasons, so it is important to go through all of them and make your decision accordingly.

Does InMotion offer a free website builder?

Although the website builder that comes with InMotion’s standard packages is not free, it is extremely user-friendly and effective. It is a part of the Business Class web hosting package, and can be very useful for those who are just starting out and do not know a lot about programming languages. It has been designed for easy use by the average person, so you won’t have to worry about spending hours to get acquainted with it. This builder gives you the opportunity to choose from different themes, so you will want to look through them till you find something that appeals to you. All you have to do is go through the steps that the site builder prompts you for. This is one the best ways to create your own website the easy and fun way. Although doing it the traditional way with programming languages can be time-consuming and headache inducing, it becomes less of a chore with this site builder. You will still get the chance to be creative and add your own unique touch the website you put out on the Internet. InMotion’s site builder is simply a way for you to do this without having to take days to do it.

Does InMotion allow 1-Click Installation?

InMotion does offer 1-click installation for many different kinds of software and scripts. You will be able to find this quick installation feature under the Fantastico De Luxe section in the control panel. It makes installing whatever you need a much faster and more efficient process, which can end up saving you a lot of time. If you don’t have quite enough experience to install certain applications on a server, then you will want to think about choosing InMotion for these types of services. For example, the phpBB script, which is used to create forums on a website hosted by a server, can be put up with 1-click installation. If you feel like a forum would be a good touch to your website, then you will be happy to know that InMotion offers that feature for this script. There are fifty different scripts/applications which fall under the category of 1-click installation. It has never been so easy to get the applications you want up and running so fast and with so little effort. This feature is especially ideal for those who don’t know what they are doing in these types of situations. This web hosts makes doing just about everything simpler for the average user.

Can I use Drupal, Expression Engine or Serendipity at InMotion?

Although you will be able to use Drupal with InMotion, you must follow all of the steps for optimization to get the most out of it. The first thing you will need to do is enable cashing, which can be done by logging in through the back end. Proceed to “Site Configuration”, then “Performance” and you will be able to enable caching. You then need to optimize the database. To do this, you will need to install the Database Maintenance Module. Return to the site configuration section, then DB maintenance, selecting each table you wish to optimize. There are other more advanced steps you can take to ensure that you get the best performance from Drupal. You will need to go into site configuration, then performance. You will want to make sure to enable page compression, optimization of CSS files and JavaScript files. This will increase your effectiveness when it comes to this particular software. For your convenience, Serendipity is also available for use on InMotion, so you will be able to do whatever you need to without any hassle. This PHP-based blog will help you to increase marketing efforts and improve your business overall. InMotion is a web hosting company which promotes the use and compatibility of mainstream marketing tools, so you will be able to do your business without any problems.

Can I transfer domains to and from InMotion?

You will be able to transfer domains to and from InMotion web hosting services. An official registrar transfer is required if you would like this company to the primary registration service which manages the domain. As a result, the bill for the domain will be sent to you, and you will have full access to all of the maintenance tools that will allow you to edit or change anything you want. The fee for all registrar transfers is $7.95, and the current expiration date for the domain will be extended not more than one year. You will want to know what is involved in this transfer process, so you will be able to get it done as quickly as possible. When you are ready to transfer your domain, you will need the name of the website you wish to transfer as well as the username for your main account. You will also need the last four digits of your credit card and the authorization code for the domain name in question from the previous registrar. Before you get this process started, you will need to unlock the domain with the previous registrar so it can be transferred to the new one.

Can I install my WordPress blog at InMotion?

You will be able to host your own WordPress blog on InMotion’s website. It can be a great opportunity for you, and you’ll certainly want to know how to take full advantage of it by getting started as soon as possible. You will be able to use the cPanel Fantastico to install the script properly, so you will be able to get it onto your InMotion hosted website. You have an alternative option regarding how to this, which requires you to upload the script manually to the server. What makes InMotion such a great place for hosting a WordPress blog is that you will have full access to all the features you require, such as the cPanel itself, the MySQL database, PHP version 4 or 5 and more. This is a good hosting service to use because you will need a solid and reliable connection, which InMotion can offer you. Once your blog is up and running with this hosting service, you can expect it to do very well. With the speed of the servers that this hosting company has, and the multiple features you will be able to use, it is a great option for anyone looking to increase profitability.

Can I install Joomla on InMotion?

By using the Fantastico De Luxe feature in the cPanel on InMotion’s website, you will be able to successfully install Joomla and a variety of other programs through a “one click” process which is fast and efficient. By looking in this feature located in the control panel, you will be able to find a full list of programs that you can install, including WordPress and b2Evolution. You will select the program you want installed and then click on “New Installation”. Once you do that, you will be asked to provide some data in order to advance to the next step of the installation process. After that has been completed, the software will be installed to the location you specified. With regards to the content, you’ll need to add your own templates or use ones which are already provided to you by Joomla. If you want a custom logo, then you must edit an existing template file and change the logo on it so that it matches up exactly with the one you have. You need to think about your options, so you will be able to run this program and use it as effectively as possible.

Are the InMotion technical facilities secure?

It is important to select a web host that will keep your personal/financial information secure, as well as protect your website. InMotion web hosting has extremely secure facilities, which are held to the highest standards. This ensures your website is completely safe from viruses and other cyber-threats. This web hosting company protects customers by utilizing sophisticated security software which guards all websites which benefit from these services. As most people who use the Internet know, there are always new viruses and threats produced and designed to attack servers. InMotion realizes this and makes a very conscious effort to reduce the potential for harm when it comes to any of the websites hosted by this company. All of the updates for their security software and facilities are kept current, so viruses do not have a chance to permeate the virtual gate put up by InMotion. These measures make cyber crimes such as identity theft virtually impossible. There are not many other hosting companies online that can promise such a high level of security.

Are InMotion servers and data secure?

Security is certainly a critical issue concerning web hosting services. InMotion has some of the most secure servers in this business, because of both the operating systems used on their systems and the advanced security software they use to keep customers safe from threats such as viruses and identity theft. Both the operating systems and security software are highly sophisticated and used to ensure complete anonymity of customers who have websites hosted by the company. The facilities themselves, which hold the servers and are located in both Los Angeles and Washington D.C, are also secure. The use of security cameras is implemented, as well as identification recognition to prevent unauthorized personnel in the building at any time. In case of fire, the company has taken all of the appropriate measures to protect vital information and equipment from harm. InMotion is truly one of the most secure web hosting companies that you will be able to find on the Internet. The way it runs its business on a daily basis prevents any misuse or damage to personal or financial documents. If you have been looking for a company to choose for these services, InMotion is highly recommended for security reasons as well as overall efficiency and reliability with regards to their servers.

Service, Support and Feedback

What uptime guarantee does InMotion offer?

InMotion makes an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. You will be able to go on certain rating websites to look at the actual outage statistics for this company, so you will be able to get a feel for just how little downtime users who choose InMotion experience. Most customers who use these services are satisfied and contented, having little to no complaints. One of the most common remarks that customers have about this company is that the customer service is top notch. Because most people are used to web hosting companies which ignore customers and provide less than adequate customer service, they are pleasantly surprised by the support offered by InMotion. Customers also usually comment on the reliable and stable services that this company provides. The 99.9% uptime means that most users will be able to count on a steady and consistent connection, keeping their website up and running a majority of the time. The low rates are something else that most customers appreciate. For only $8.95, anyone can get an unlimited package which provides all of the storage space and monthly traffic one could ever hope to use. When scanning through the InMotion customer reviews, you will find a common trend of positive remarks and praise that leads to the conclusion that this is a fairly trustworthy web hosting company.

What kind of support can I expect from InMotion?

When you sign up with InMotion and get a contract for hosting services, you can expect to get only the best, most accurate and attentive support services. You will have full access to a support forum where you will be able to go on and post any questions or concerns you might have. Your post will be answered in a short while from those who are experienced in what you are enquiring about. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in the community support section, then you will be able to move on and file a request at the help desk. You will of course need to select the appropriate department to fill the request with. After you submit your request, you can expect an email response that will attempt to answer your question or address your concern in the best way possible. You will also be able to look through a database filled with articles that may be able to answer your question. InMotion is a company which provided multiple portals of support for its customers, so you don’t have to keep looking for an answer when something comes up. It is just one of the many benefits that you can expect to get with hosting services from this company.

What do current customers say about InMotion?

While you will find that customers reviews for the services that InMotion provides are somewhat mixed, a majority of them are positive. One of the best ways to get an idea as to whether or not a certain hosting company is a good choice is to read reviews from current customers. These will be able to give you the very best idea as to what the company itself is like. Many customers who use InMotion say that it is quite the reliable service, able to accommodate both businesses and individuals who need hosting services for their websites. One of the most common remarks is that InMotion offers a wide variety of plans. In addition to business plans, there are value plans which cost less and are meant for personal websites that are not business-related. Many customers of this company also comment about this company’s great support system, which quickly helps people who need a solution. Between their community forums, help desk, and article data base, they offer a great way to find solutions to just about any problem. Most of the current InMotion customers are happy with the services provided to them and plan on staying with this company for months or even years to come.

What are the reviews and ratings for InMotion?

Before you decide to switch to InMotion web hosting definitively, you will want to get an idea as to what the company is like by reading some reviews and consumer ratings. Most people who take the time to write reviews regarding the services of this company do so favorably. A majority of people agree that the customer service is among the best ever seen in a web hosting company of any kind. Most reviews also suggest that they provide reliable hosting services 99.9 percent of the time. It is also worth taking note of the fact that InMotion has a completely unlimited plan which includes disk space and traffic by month for only $8.95. This is a significant and contributing factor as to why there are so many positive reviews floating around about this particular company. Although not every single rating for InMotion is a 10, most people tend to agree that it is a web hosting business which actively serves its customers in the best and most efficient way possible while offering a variety of features for a minimal price. Before you decide to make the leap and choose this web hosting company, you will want to look at both the positive and negative reviews which exist for a balanced perspective.

Is InMotion a reliable web host?

When looking for reliable web hosting services, InMotion is one of the most reliable companies you can find. They have a strong reputation for being able to provide a connection that will not go down easily. While many other hosts tend to make promises they cannot really deliver, this company has the resources to make it happen. You will find that with many of the people who have used InMotion’s services in the past, most of them are completely satisfied with what they got in return for the money they paid. If you are a business looking for hosting services, then you will find no better company to help you with all of the different aspects that mean so much in the daily operations of your company. You will need quality reliable service that InMotion will be able to provide for you at a low cost. Other hosting companies tend to jack up the price of service and throw in only a few extra features, whereas InMotion gives you what you pay for. The special business plans mean not only great hosting services, but also a variety of features you will find useful. When it comes to the business you choose for hosting your website, this one stands out above the rest.

InMotion: what about downtime?

When you are trying to find a good web hosting company, you certainly want to know about the amount of downtime you can expect with certain businesses. InMotion proudly advertises a “zero down time” policy regarding the transfer process, allowing you access to your own account quickly and efficiently. However, you will want to know that you may experience some downtime if you choose to upgrade from the shared environment to VPS. Although it will most likely be minimal and brief, you will want to be prepared if you do in fact make this choice. With all of the customer reviews that have been written about InMotion, it is clear that they are one of the best web hosting companies in terms of downtime. They are a reliable company, providing full support in the form of a help center that can give you answers to any question you might have. While downtime is rare with this web hosting company, it does happen. When you do experience any downtime, you will be able to contact InMotion either by email or phone to notify them of the problem and get it corrected as soon as possible. There are few other web hosting companies that can claim such a high rate of success.

How fast is web hosting by InMotion?

One of the best things about InMotion web hosting is its sheer speed when going about transferring data back and forth. It is an attribute that you certainly want in a hosting company, and it is exactly what you will get with this one. Most of the consumer reviews have reported that the transfer speed with this specific hosting company is unbeatable. You will be able to count on fast file transfers, no matter what you are doing. It is a cheap and quick way to manage your website and ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. Because speed is such an important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting company to help you out with your website, you will want to consider choosing InMotion as yours. It is known for being reliable and providing more uptime than virtually any other host. No matter what the size of your transfer, you will be able to count on the speed and consistency that this company has a reputation for on the Internet. Thousands of people are aware of just how fast their services are, and choosing them as your web host will mean enhancing your ability to manage your own site effectively.

Does InMotion offer tutorials? Video tutorials?

InMotion offers a variety of tutorials to get you started using different online tools, including FrontPage and Flash MX. You will find simple yet effective guides to using these programs and software, so you will be able to keep maintaining and running your site as efficiently as possible. InMotion is dedicated to helping customers find out as much as possible about what they want to know, whether it is Dreamweaver MX or control panel Flash. There are also WebHost Manager Flash tutorials available for those who are having issues working with it. You will be able to find tutorials for Premium Website Builder, Soholanch Web Builder and osCommerce Flash. No matter what questions you have about these programs or features that InMotion offers, you will be able to learn in the fastest and most thorough way possible. For each tutorial provided on the website, you will be able to watch a short yet informative video which explains all of the different aspects of what you are learning about. InMotion understands how important it is for its customers to be well-informed, which is why it creates and provides these videos to help you get answers to your questions and figure out how to become proficient with any of these programs.

Does InMotion Have a Help Center?

InMotion web hosting offers full support to those who have purchased their services. You will find that this company provides community help as well as direct assistance from the tech support team on the website. Choosing community help means posting your problems or concerns on a forum to be addressed by the other members on it. You can also go into the knowledge base for help, which is essentially a comprehensive FAQ section for those who have questions about anything pertaining to the site. There are also flash tutorials and user guides which customers can use to get any of their questions answered. InMotion has a reputation for offering quality support to its users. You will also be able to find control panel flash guides for those who need help in this area. Because navigating around on one of these websites can sometimes be confusing, you will want to explore all of your options for getting assistance. By looking in the support center, you will have a variety of ways to find answers to your questions, whatever they may be. The web hosting help center also gives you important contact information such as a phone number which you can call to speak with a representative of InMotion.

Final Verdict – A Web Host That Deserves Your Attention

Whether you’re looking to launch a brand-new website or transfer a domain from another web host, InMotion Hosting is a pretty good web host to be involved with. In my experience, they’re trustworthy with the claims they make before signup. They have a pretty decent uptime, useful add-ons and eCommerce features, and a lengthy 90-day money-back guarantee to boot. That alone is enough for me to recommend this host. What’s more, they excel in terms of their managed WordPress hosting plan. However, they don’t support Windows-based servers, which is a bit of a letdown for those who are running websites that require Microsoft’s OS.

When InMotion Hosting say they don’t charge you for extra features, they do stand by their word. That’s not always the case when you sign up for an account with other web hosts. For this – and many other reasons – InMotion Hosting deserves a spot in my top 5 list of recommended budget web hosting.

Similar web hosting providers that offer a full suite of hosting features at incredibly low prices include iPage, eHost, BlueHost, and Arvixe. Don’t forget to check them out

We love InMotion for their offering of SSD (solid state drive) storage on most accounts now in 2015. SSD is faster and more reliable storage than hard disk drives can offer. Also, it’s worth noting that InMotion’s primary focus is on serving small businesses, and offering multiple plans and hosting types so they can grow with you seamlessly.

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