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SiteGround GoGeek Plan Review 2024

SiteGround offers hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, PrestaShop, and more. In this review, I will be examining the SiteGround GoGeek plan.

GoGeek offers one of the top semi-dedicated solutions in the world. This plan is perfect for ecommerce sites and sites that are expecting a lot of traffic. If you want a plan for the future, then you can’t go wrong with this option.


Page load response time is the greatest reason to choose SiteGround. A 300MS load response time is exceptional. To speed up your site, SiteGround uses NGINX web server technology, SSD, HTTP/2 enabled servers, and more.

I have reviewed popular companies with a load time of 600MS and 700MS. Out of all the shared hosting providers that I have reviewed I have never found a company that beats SiteGround in web speed.

GoGeek is faster than both the StartUp and GrowBig plan because GoGeek gives you more server features and there are less users on one server. Geeky gives you 30 simultaneous server processes which is the same number of server processes as their smaller plans combined.

The better the plan the more levels of catching that will be available to you. SuperCatcher is their in-house catching service. This feature drastically boosts site speed. GoGeek and GrowBig gives you All 3 Levels of SuperCatcher, while the Startup plan only gives you one level of catching.


SiteGround is built on top of the cutting-edge LXC (Linux containers) technology. They offer 24/7 lightweight server monitoring. Not only are they able to detect and fix current issues immediately, but they detect and fix potential problems that might occur in the future. SiteGround currently offers a 99.99% monthly hosting uptime.

SiteGround GoGeek prices

GoGeek is the largest and most expensive SiteGround plan. Many people ask, is it worth it? The answer is yes. If you plan on growing your website, then it is definitely worth it. GoGeek normally costs $29.95/mo because it comes with a truckload of features.

However, now it costs $14.95/mo which is still a great price. There is nothing wrong with paying $180 a year for web hosting that will benefit your business. If you want to pay half of that and still desire more features, then GrowBig is another good option. GrowBig is going to cost you $7.95/mo or $95.40 a year.

GoGeek can be compared to a dedicated plan and you will not find a dedicated hosting plan that is lower than $2000 a year. $180 is perfect for business owners on a budget.

Websites allowed

Just like the GrowBig plan, with GoGeek you will be able to have multiple websites on your web hosting plan. This extra added benefit is perfect for business owners and bloggers. If you have a business, more websites will bring more awareness to your business.

You can use your hosting plan to have a blog or a sister site for your business. If you are a blogger you can use this to your advantage to have multiple blogs in different niches. For example, you can have a health niche, investing niche, finance niche, advice niche, and more.

More niches mean more profit for you. The StartUp plan only allows you to have one website. If you just need one website, then it might be right for you. If you want to have a future, then you should really think about the GoGeek option.

Web Space

GoGeek allows for more server space. That means you will be able to add more images, videos, etc. There are many companies that claim to offer unlimited web space but most of them are not telling the entire truth.

SiteGround is honest and allows you to know that their GoGeek plan offers 30GB disk space. You will more than likely never run out of 30GB storage space so this plan is perfect for you.

GoGeek offers 10 more GB than their GrowBig plan and 20 more GB than their StartUp plan. It is always best to be prepared and GoGeek is the best plan for a growing site. This plan is suitable for 100,000 monthly website visits.

Here are a few SiteGround GoGeek features.

  • 100,000/mo Visits
  • 30GB Space
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • Staging
  • Pre-Installed Git
  • FTP Accounts
  • Free PCI Compliance
  • 4 data center locations

Staging only takes one click 

Geeky is the only plan that offers a Staging tool. Staging is a cool feature that gives you a live copy of your site in a separate area. This is great for working on your site. You are able to test out new designs, new plugins, and more on a Staging copy without visitors being able to see your edits.

Git Hosting is only available on GoGeek

SG-GIT makes creating a repository of your site, development, and deployment simple and easy.

E-Commerce on Gogeek

GoGeek is perfect for those seeking to start an e-commerce website. Their resources are shared among fewer users than GrowBig, StartUp, and other hosting companies.

GoGeek includes a free premium SSL certificate wildcard for one year. With GoGeek you also get free PCI compliance. If you plan on using other platforms besides WordPress such as Magneto, PrestaShop, osCommerce, etc. you will be given a free shopping cart install.

Lastly, with SiteGround you will be given Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. This feature is not only available for the GoGeek plan, but it is also available for all of their plans.


All SiteGround plans give you what you would expect from a hosting plan such as 24/7 phone support. You also have live chat support if you don’t feel like dialing numbers and talking on the phone. You will be given a 24/7 ticketing system. GrowBig and GoGeek both offer Premium support for those who need priority support. Lastly, SiteGround also offers guides, video tutorials, webinars, and a setup wizard.

My take away

The only downside that I see with GoGeek is the price compared to their other plans.

However, compared to other non-SiteGround hosting providers it won’t get any better than $14.95/mo for a semi-dedicated host provider.

GoGeek is perfect for business owners and bloggers who seek to take their blog to the next level. Setting up GoGeek is extremely easy which I will show you below.

3-4 minute setup

Start GoGeek at 50% off here.

Under the WP services tag click on WordPress web hosting.

On the right side click on Get Started GoGeek

Register a new domain (Free)

Set up your plan.

Proceed with SiteGround’s automatic setup wizard.

Create and log in to your WordPress website.

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