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New Backup Manager with Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting just introduced a new service, the Backup Manager, which is a simple-to-use, powerful tool developed to safeguard your website data and email by allowing you full control of what data to back up and the scheduling of data backups.

Backup Manager Key Features

Some of the benefits of this new Backup Manager service are:

  • Easily create full, partial, and file backups at any time
  • Manage a schedule of automated backups
  • Initiate 1-click backup restore
  • Queue multiple restoration requests and view their progress live
  • Perform backups to off-server storage
  • Simplified Pricing: $2/mo for the first 10GB, $1/mo for each additional 10GB

How to use Backup Manager?

Log into your cPanel with Inmotion hosting. Browse to the Files section, you should find the Backup Manager from there. Click Backup Settings. You can view your current storage capacity, and specify which data is backed up and how often.

Inmotion hosting backup manager - backup settings

Click Perform a Restore, to view existing backup files and select the folder(s) and/or database(s) to restore and the method to perform a restore.

Inmotion hosting backup manager - restore

Subscribe and Unsubscribe Backup Manager

This is a good add-on for most users. So Inmotion Hosting decided an opt-out approach would be more appropriate due to the added protection the Backup Manager service allows.

Meanwhile, Inmotion hosting provides a 90-day free trial for all hosting customers so they have ample time to experience the benefits of the new backup service.

If you feel that Backup Manager is for you, you do nothing and your free trial will automatically be added to your hosting account at the prevailing rates.

If you feel that you do not want the added protection, you can simply cancel the service anytime within the first 90 days of your trial, and the following are the steps to do that.

Log into your Account Management Panel, not the cPanel. From the top menu bar, click BILLING > MY SUBSCRIPTIONS. You will then find a list of all your purchased items, including the hosting plan, the Backup Manager, and so on. Click Cancel Backup Manager, then confirm the operation. It’s that easy.

cancel backup manager with Inmotion hosting from AMP
Cancel backup manager with Inmotion hosting from AMP

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