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Save web page as PDF on Mac

Sometimes we may need to save webpages as PDF files. By converting site pages to PDF, we can easily share the PDF files through email, or a chat app, and send them to mobile devices. Saving PDF files on our local devices, we can refer to them anytime in the future without an internet connection. Safari on Mac allows us to easily save a web page from a website to our local machine. There are two quick methods of converting a web page to PDF in Safari browser on Mac.

For Windows users, you can refer to the following guide to save web pages as PDFs from the Edge browser on a Windows PC.

Method 1. Export web page as PDF on Mac

Open the web page you like to convert to PDF in Safari browser on Mac. After the page is fully loaded, choose File from the top menu bar, and choose Export as PDF… from the drop-down menu.

export web page as pdf from safari to mac

The Export As dialog pops up. Here you can give the new PDF a name, choose a location, then click the Save button to export the web page as a PDF on your Mac.

Method 2. Print web page to PDF on Mac

Mac has a built-in virtual printer we can use to convert website pages to PDF documents. Once the web page is loaded completely in the Safari window, go to File > Print.

save web pages as pdf via safari print on mac

The Print dialog appears. Here you can customize print settings and preview the results. For example, you can choose paper size, page orientation, page range, page backgrounds, etc. When you are satisfied, click the PDF menu at the bottom-left corner, and choose Save as PDF from the drop-down menu. Then follow onscreen tips to convert and save the web pages as a PDF file from Safari to Mac.

Export as PDF vs Print to PDF

The former method is relatively easier. However the latter solution provides us with more customization options and it can preserve the graphics, layout, formatting, and backgrounds better than the former method.

If needed, you can also use a more professional PDF creation tool on Mac to save pages from websites as PDF files on your local machine. Adobe Acrobat is a good example.

Create a clear PDF file without ads

If the web page you intend to save as PDF has Google ads, banner ads, or other dynamic and annoying content you do not want to save, you can enable the reader view in Safari to get rid of them and save a more clear PDF document. To enter reader mode in Safari is simple. Open the web page in Safari, then click the “Reader” button in the address bar when it appears, or click the View > Show Reader from the top menu bar, you can also press Shift-Command-R on your keyboard to enter reader view.

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