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Which is Better for SEO WordPress Post or Page?

Many new WordPress users may be confused between a post and a page. What is a WordPress post, what is a WordPress page and what is the difference between a WordPress post and page? In this WordPress guide, we will discuss the main difference between Posts and pages in WordPress, we will cover aspects including the time settings, category, template, and their effects on SEO.

What are WordPress Post or Pages?

WordPress Post refers to content entries, which are listed in reverse chronological order site widely. You can get it listed in Categories, Recent Posts, and Archives. Also, it is included in the RSS feed of the blog. WordPress Pages are static and one-off content. Specifically, the About page, and privacy policy are vivid examples. The page, without tags and categories, is displayed in the sidebar and Pages widget. Namely, if you use the Pages widget, then all pages are displayed all the while.

WordPress Post is Good for Website Freshness

Posts are organized in chronological order and published with time and date, so they are meant to be timely. New posts are to be presented in the front, and older posts are stored in archives. You can update an old post to dig the Post out when it grows older. It is a good way to maintain the overall freshness of your website which is very important to SEO. Fresh new content on the blog or in existing posts will help the freshness of the site as a whole. It’s not just SEO for individual posts; it’s SEO for the entire site. Thus, Post is timely while Page is timeless.

WordPress Post is Social Friendly and User Friendly

In most cases, WordPress posts are more social and user-friendly than pages. For example, WordPress Posts are syndicated through RSS feeds, which allow readers to be informed of the most recent posts you have updated via RSS feeds. Also, posts are temporal content that will be categorized, tagged, and archived. Thus it is much easier to organize, display, search, and update WordPress posts with the built-in capacity of the WordPress system.

Post is more SEO friendly than Page in general

From the perspective of search engine optimization, WordPress Post is more SEO-friendly than Pages. Pages are for static content, posts are temporal content that you want to be categorized, tagged, and archived. Once you have published a Post, it’s linked within categories, tags, archives, “recent posts”, and another multiple-post page. Conversely, the Page is linked manually by yourself. Thus we suggest increasing the exposure of your website by choosing WordPress Post and writing them with natural multiplicity. However WordPress pages have their own advantages as well. Neither is inherently more friendly than the other. When properly handled, WordPress pages can be more SEO-friendly than posts.

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